Monday, November 18, 2019


Harlem Bespoke: There was a time after the 70s that most homeowners did not really consider having multiple house plants inside but that has changed with the newer generation. Cut arrangements were all the rage during the 80s until the aughts but now millennials have changed all that with a preference for having an indoor jungle all year round.  Some of the newer coffee shops such as Shuteye on 116th Street or Plowhshares on 127th and Dear Mama on 129th Street all are hip to this new trend.

We had talk to a young architect recently who mentioned that part of the development projects at their company now always includes a plant consultant to spruce up the final interior when the physical space finishes up.  With that said, East Harlem's Urban Garden Center at La Marqueta is the place for interested uptowners to get more green and beautify their homes since the location under the Park Avenue elevated line is the largest outdoor garden space in Manhattan: LINK 2019


Harlem Bespoke: Those living on the west side might notice that there has been a lot of weekend maintenance on the elevated 1 train station at 125th Street as of late.  This is all kind of interesting since the landmark arch straddling Broadway had chipped, rusting paint on the exterior for many years until restoration started up in 2010.  The major difference now is that Columbia University has a new campus finally partially constructed in the area and there is probably more tax money and other motivational factors to keep the public transportation system in top form.  Check out what the train station used to look like in our past post: LINK 2019


Harlem Bespoke:  Number 210 West 122nd Street was reduced to $3.85 million by November of last year, was then pulled from the market in December, returned with a lower asking set at $3.75 million in January and now has been re-listed at $4.25 million.  As previously mentioned, the location just west of 7th Avenue is ideal because of the proximity to the express trains on 125th Street but potential buyers might want to check out the Certificate of Occupancy since this townhouse was previously an SRO. Apparently everything now is currently set up as a Bed and Breakfast and the broker site mentions a single family layout.  Everything looks to be in good condition within but there are quite a few bathrooms located on each of the floors because of the hotel situation: LINK 2019


Monday, November 18th,  7:30PM-10:30PM, Butterfly screening at Maysles Cinema343 Lenox Avenue and 127th Street. When Irma Testa became Italy’s first female boxer to qualify for the Olympics, the media descended on her without relent. Her story was simply too good to be true: a pretty, 18 year-old girl from one of Naples’ most violent, Camorra-controlled neighborhoods who beat the odds and made history.

Irma was portrayed as flawless and determined. She hid behind the facade and left for the Olympics. Her 78 year-old coach Lucio feared the pressure was too much and will never forget when she burst into tears mid fight in Rio de Janeiro. Irma returned to Italy without a medal and confused sense of herself. Her media crafted image was a lie and now that the spotlight is gone, Lucio is encouraging her to reflect. She has big decisions ahead of her. Is boxing really for her? Can she handle the pressure?  More details and online tickets at the Maysles Cinema site: LINK 2019


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