Saturday, February 16, 2019


Open House: Sunday, February 17th, 11:30AM to 1:30PM. One of the grand brownstones by the Morris-Jumel Mansion is now up for sale for the initial asking of $2.795 million. Number 427 West 162nd Street is one of the spectacular historic townhouses situated at the topmost block of Sugar Hill in Washington Heights and the generous 19-foot-wide home is also one of the most fully intact interiors that can be found uptown as far as original details go.  Everything looks gloriously restored with the right amount of modern updates in the 2-family residence and there is even a decorative water fountain in the backyard.  The main supermarket and subway entrance is also only a block away from the address.   More details and open house information can be found on the broker site: LINK 2019

Friday, February 15, 2019


Harlem Bespoke:  A Bespoke tip came in mentioning that an international hot dog eatery will be opening on upper Frederick Douglass Boulevard between 141st and 142nd Street.  We have passed by this space often and a few businesses have since shuttered at the location but now new signage has been officially installed out front.  With that said, this appears to be a more fun and casual direction for the neighborhood which might just take off.  Mess Hall on lower FDB is another local bar that actually has a frank friendly menu which includes Danish Dogs, Chicago Dogs and other local favorites that have been big success: LINK 2019


Monday, March 4th, 7:00PM, Women's Jazz Festival 2019 at the Schomburg, 515 Lenox at the corner of 135th Street. The Schomburg Center’s Annual Women's Jazz Festival, in honor of Women’s History Month, features some of the best-known and unsung female performers in jazz today. The 2019 festival is slated for each Monday in March – March 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th.  More details and ticket information on the Schomburg site: LINK 2019


Harlem Bespoke: A new deli on West 125th Street by Broadway might not appear to be a big deal but the signage that was just installed out front portends to something out of the ordinary on Harlem's main commercial corridor.  Warm wood tones and a genuinely gourmet sounding name looks more inviting than the more clinical signage found at a lot of bodegas in the area.  This is actually next to Go Go Curry and block away from the new Columbia University Manhattanville Campus so the new business might be trying to be more appealing to the student population of the area.  More on the Manhattanville Campus can be found in our past post: LINK 2019


Keep it all uptown and help out Harlem's great local businesses over the weekend.  Below is the Bespoke list of what is new and notable in the north neighborhoods to try out this upcoming weekend. 

The Jackie Robinson exhibit at Museum of the City of New York: LINK

Cocktails and small bites at L'Argot on Hamilton Place: LINK

Grabbing brunch at Ruby's Vintage on ACP by 147th Street: LINK

Coffee and ambiance at Common Good on FDB by 149th Street: LINK

Arepas and drinks at Barepas on Amsterdam by 148th street: LINK

Drinking craft beer at Harlem Hops on 7th Avenue by 133rd Street: LINK

Ethiopian cuisine at Benyam on FDB by 149th Street: LINK

Burgers, shakes and fries at Shake Shack on 125th Street: LINK

Drinks at Boxers Washington Heights on Broadway by 159th: LINK

Pizza Happy Hour on the weekends at Uncle Tony's by 139th Street: LINK

More drinks at the new Harlem Ale House on 127th Street: LINK

Tasting tacos in East Harlem at La Chula on 116th Street: LINK

Hanging out at the Bierstrasse beer garden on 12th Avenue: LINK

Coffee and donuts at Shuteye on 116th between Lenox and 7th Ave: LINK

Waffle ice cream sandwiches at Mikey Likes It on FDB: LINK

Cocktails at Hexagon Lounge on 142nd Street by Edgecombe: LINK

Checking out the new location of Charle's Pan Fried Chicken on FDB: LINK

Visiting Bo's Bagels on 116th early in the morning before they sell out: LINK

Tasting delicious Japanese curry at the new Curry-Ya UptownLINK

Trying out the brunch burger at RDV on FDB by West 112th Street: LINK

Weekend dinners at Belle on ACP 7th Avenue by 139th Street: LINK

Discovering Japanese style crepes at Crepe Master on 116th: LINK

Tasting ice cream at Sugar Hill Creamery on Lenox by 119th: LINK

Dinner service at Clay on Manhattan Avenue and 123rd Street: LINK 

Grabbing coffee at Little Bean on St. Nicholas and 111th Street: LINK

Drinks at the new Honeywell in Hamilton Heights on Broadway: LINK

Eating hand-made tacos at the Oso on Amsterdam and 140th Street: LINK

Sipping java at the new Harlem Coffee Co. on Lenox by 118th: LINK

New local brew and pizza at Hop House on FDB and 120th Street: LINK

Discovering the East Harlem Bottling Co. on Lexington by 107th Street: LINK

Seafood and craft cocktails at  B2 Harlem on West 119th: LINK

Trying out southern whiskey at Uptown Bourbon by 152nd Street: LINK

Drinks at the new Alibi lounge on 7th Avenue by 139th Street:  LINK

Trying out burgers at Harlem Burger Co. on FDB and 118th Street: LINK

Slurping up authentic ramen at R.O.K.C on Broadway by 141st Street: LINK

Brunch or dinner at Sottocasa Pizzeria on Lenox by 121st Street: LINK

Eating great Italian at Fumo on Amsterdam and 139th Street: LINK

Destination worthy brunch at Solomon & Kuff on 12th Avenue: LINK

Sunday Brunch at Mountain Bird on East 110th Street: LINK

Tasting incredible Edomae style sushi at Inoue on Lenox and 129th: LINK 2019