Friday, April 16, 2021


Harlem Bespoke: Number 313 Convent Avenue by 143rd Street was on the market last summer for $3.1 million and now the 20-foot wide historic home has returned with a major discount with a new asking set at 2.595 million.  As mentioned previously, this historic location on one of Manhattan's most breathtaking blocks has had record breaking townhouse sales and the express trains are also just a short walk north at 145th Street.  We especially like the  preserved original details within but the listing photos might have been staged digitally.  The other point to consider is that home has been chopped into a 4-family layout and most higher end buyers are usually looking for a single family configuration.  More photo and details can be found on Streeteasy: LINK 2021

Thursday, April 15, 2021


Harlem Bespoke: An article originally posted back in 2015 in remembrance of the those who lost their lives on the Titanic.

Just outside of the southern borders of Morningside, there is a small triangular park we always make a point to visit during the springtime.  This little intersection on Broadway and 106th Street or Duke Ellington Boulevard has a memorial statue that was made possible by the citizens of New York City 100 years ago in memory of Isidor and Ida Straus who were millionaire philanthropist that perished on the Titanic. On the night of the tragedy, Ida Straus was offered one of the few lifeboats seats available for women and children in first class but refused to take it.  

Reports have it that Isidor's wife told him that she had been by his side for 50 years and would not leave him even at this moment.  The lady instead gave the seat to their new maid along with a fur coat for warmth and both watched on deck while the few survivors were rowed away to safety in the dark night.  The small lions head fountain flows during the springtime when the park is in bloom and the caretakers today have put up a lovely garland around the neck of the elegant tribute to a remarkable love story that will be remembered for centuries to come.


Harlem Bespoke: Those looking for more fine dining to return to the neighborhood are in luck this month.  The staff has fully been vaccinated at Reverence on Adam Clayton Powell at the corner of 138th Street and now have announced the reopening of indoor dining.  Chef Russell Jackson will startup up the tasting menu on April 23rd so make sure to reserve a seat at the Strivers Row eatery in the coming weeks: LINK


Harlem Bespoke: Columbia University provided 500 vaccinations for the community at a pop-up site within The Forum building at 125th Street and Broadway last weekend.  The goal is to get more vaccinations out to the underserved black and latino communities within West Harlem and Washington Heights in the next few weeks.  Those interested can schedule a weekend appointment up until the end of May by sending and email to the Wellness Center at the university: LINK


Opening April 16th, Rising Tide: Visualizing the Human Costs of the Climate Crisis exhibit at Museum of the City of New York, 104th Street and Fifth Avenue. Rising sea levels affect us all. In Rising Tide: Visualizing the Human Costs of the Climate Crisis, Dutch documentary photographer Kadir van Lohuizen illustrates the dramatic consequences of climate change across the world through photographs, video, drone images, and sound. Experience the effects of rising sea levels in Greenland, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, Fiji, Amsterdam, Panama, Miami, and our own neighborhoods here in New York City.  Online tickets at the MCNY site: LINK