Saturday, March 21, 2009

☞ EAT: Sherman's BBQ

Rock-and-roll royalty ate here. Sherman's BBQ still has a store on 7th Avenue in Harlem that harkens back to its glory years in the 1950's. In the early days, the restaurant was a franchise and had a branch on Amsterdam Avenue. Legend has it that three local girls gaining fame as "The Ronettes" brought their curiously familiar-looking British boyfriends by to taste some American home cooking. For years after, the owner would call out any one of the sisters by saying, "You're the little girl who brought the Beatles here!" The top photo is the sign of the shop on Amesterdam Avenue, which has long since closed.

The chain's last remaining storefront on 7th Avenue still serves up ribs to locals after all these years. Some have said to just get a new sign and remodel to be up to date. This is Harlem history, so maybe it would be better just to restore the lights and give it a little polish, so it can shine once more. Sherman's is located at 2509 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard/7th Avenue Between 145th and 146th street. Tel.(212) 283-9290. Take the A,C,B,D or 3 train to 145th street. Archival photo via Urban Photo on Flickr


  1. It would mean a lot to that block if Sherman's was to clean its self of that 1950's grease.

  2. when I was a child our big treat was to get Sherman's from the Amsterdam Ave & 160s (?) store. We loved the ribs, spaghetti and barbecue sauce amd potato salad! My sister and I still talk about Sherman's and the great memories - getting Sherman's meant we had some extra money in the house!!

  3. Omg, Michelle I second that emotion!

    I think there was one on my block near Amsterdam and W.145th st. Everything you described is exactly what I remembered eating!

    I remember that they would serve it on a paper plate similiar to a Chinet paper plate with a piece of food wrapping paper on the plate, and the food in the portion sections.

    And you are so right--it was definitely a treat denoting some extra money in the house--no one I knew ate out of the house or got take out unless bills were paid and someone was flush!

    I also thought there was a Sherman's on Amsterdam around W.148-W.150 st. I think that because I would not be allowed to go too far from home to get it.

    I think the rumor about the Ronettes has some truth to it. They lived somewhere in W.150's.

    My mom worked in a clothing store known as Bab's on Broadway W.145th St.The El Morocco Club is situated over where Bab's was located.

    I met one of the Ronettes when I was a little girl visiting my mom at work. I don't remember her name but if I see their photo, I can pick her out. They used to shop at this store quite a bit.

    I can definitely see them going to Sherman's BBQ!

    I could sure use some Sherman's BBQ right now!

  4. Thanks for sharing your memories. Do wish that original neon had survived.