Friday, April 24, 2009

☞ SHOP: The Demolition Depot

One of the ultimate ways to be more green in New York City: recycle. If one is looking for that authentic gas light fixture or the one of a kind clawfoot tub, East Harlem's Demolition Depot is the place to be. Occupying three stories of a 19th century warehouse, one can spend hours at this emporium. Since Good Olde Things in Chelsea is shutting down, head up to 125th Street to buy and trade in those hard to replace antique pieces. As per the above photo, anything from lamp posts to marble pet gravestones can be found here. 216 East 125th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. Tel.(212) 860-1138. Take the 4,5, 6 train to 125th Street.


  1. This store is extremely expensive and has a great inventory, very good for browsing, not good for buying unless budget is no object. I would suggest visiting upstate Hudson on the Hudson or some of the flea markets for better deals. However demolition depot's prices can reduced by a factor of a tenth when it comes to their offering to purchase an item.

  2. I used to go there 15 or so years ago to fix up my pre-war. The prices were reasonable for regular people back then. The problem now is that they are selling to mostly decorators and architects.