Friday, April 24, 2009

☞ UPDATE: Muddy Waters Cafe

We went by the anticipated Muddy Waters Cafe on Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard at 129th Street yesterday, and it seems to have missed this week's predicted opening. No signage and just paper up on the window sill. More updates in the coming week. For past details on Muddy Waters, read the previous post: LINK

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  1. 'MUDDY WATERS' is a fun term used to request that lovely brew we know as coffee by some westerners.
    Muddy Waters is a coffee house designed with the spirit and atmosphere of a traditional Portland(where designer has family)coffee house.
    While we, the staff, designer and owners know the valuable, tremendous artistic contribution Mr.Waters made, our coffee house is not named for him.

    Muddy Waters, formerly, of Brooklyn, will be opening in September. We are all looking forward to serving the Harlem community