Friday, May 29, 2009

☞ ARCHITECTURE: Graham Court

New Yorkers have heard of the many block-long luxury apartments built at the turn of the 20th century by the Astors, but few know that one exists in prime Harlem. The upper West Side's Apthorp apartments, is a quintessential New York building by William Waldorf Astor, about whom there is still much talk today. The Apthorp, built in 1908, was actually modeled after Graham Court, which was built in Harlem in 1898 on 116th Street and Seventh Avenue. This idea of super-block building is very different than what is seen today since there is a massive central court with an elaborate garden and walkways that provides light and an open, natural sanctuary within the buildings themselves. Today's New York Times covers the elusive Astor heir who would flee to Europe to escape the press but provided grand living for those who remained in his hometown. Read more in today's NY Times Article: LINK. Take the 2,3 or B,C train to 116th Street and walk over to Adam Clayton P. /7th Avenue. Top photo by Andrew Alpern.


  1. I wish that you could provide details on the ownership of this building and buying/renting possibilities

  2. Google article: "Once-Heralded Building Lags Behind the Rest of Harlem: "The Sun" 01/19/2006.
    That'll provide a very clear explanation of the details you seek.

  3. One of my favorite apartment buildings in Harlem. I have a few friends that have lived there for a long time..My jaw drops when I see the space and floor plan of the apartments. Some floors just have two apartments. Just too stunning ! One of my dream places in Harlem...