Wednesday, May 6, 2009

☞ ARCHITECTURE: Columbia University Buildings

We just walked by the new science building that Columbia is building and the contemporary windows remind us of.....air conditioning vents. The structure is actually built on top of the gym that was constructed in the 1960's and is one of the tallest on campus. Designed by some Spanish architect, the building really looks out of place since it is adjacent to all the McKim, Mead and White neo-classic structures that established the campus in the early 20th century. We understand that campuses need to expand but usually the Ivy League schools have enough smarts to not over build on the 100 year old sections of the campus. Design is also about continuity and editing. Maybe they should work with architectural historians next time. Columbia's campus can be reached by the 1 train at 116th street. Columbia's new "air conditioning tower" is a couple of blocks north but very visible in about all directions on Broadway.

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  1. I have lived in the neighborhood for almost thirty years and this new building will be a blight on the landscape for many years to come. I am stunned that this was approved and would love to know why. It is hideous.