Thursday, June 4, 2009

☞ ARCHITECTURE: The Astor Row Porches

Harlem Bespoke makes a habit out of walking past the landmarked Astor Row in Central Harlem and this time noticed how incredible the porch restorations have come along. Three quarters of the houses have had the woodwork fully restored or replicated with a high-gloss, pale olive-grey coat of paint to finish things off. About mid-block is a work in progress that does not seem to have the gusto of the rest. What is apparent, besides some rotted wood pieces here and there, is that the details in the woodwork were often painted in a contrast color to emphasize all the wood-cut edges. This would require a more skilled hand to get it right and maybe this is why the other houses have chosen to go the solid route. A rare wreck indeed but with potential as its blockmates have proven over and over again. Read more about them in the previous post: LINK. Take the 2,3 express train to 125th street and walk on Lenox to 130th street.

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