Thursday, June 18, 2009

☞ BESPOKE: Stained Glass Doors

This brownstone on West 122nd Street (right before Manhattan Avenue) must be one of the best custom-made doors in Harlem. The stained glass was just put up recently, and the various shades of blue along with the classic-inspired, symmetrical, geometric pattern provides a modern update that feels perfectly period-appropriate. Usually the stained glass sections are relegated to the main window or just the transoms above each door. Having the glass detail on the door panels looks smart and is a great show of rebirth in the neighborhood. The potted garden out front is also a nice touch.


  1. For me this is one of the most charming blocks in Harlem, mostly because of the fabulous ironwork and narrower brownstones, well worth a visit.

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  3. If I take a look at the photo the most interesting and attractive part is the glass doors, it look so elegant! I swear.