Thursday, June 25, 2009

☞ WALK: The Mount Morris Turkish Baths

A remnant of the 19th century baths built for public hygeine still remains today on the northeast borders of Mount Morris Park Historic District. Built in the 1893, a time when running water was not found in all living situations since tenement housing was not uncommon for the masses. The city opened most of the public baths for the poor but the Mount Morris Turkish Baths were founded by the area's doctors as a way to help their patience improve respiratory health. Running continuously intil 2003 for sited structrual problems, the baths eventually became a meeting place for gay men and doubled as a overnight homeless shelter. The sign point down to the sub-level with the distinct arched doorway and turquoise paint still exist today for the occasional curiosity seeker to take a glimpse at this institution from the past. Located 1944 Madison Avenue at East 125th Street. Take the 4,5,6 to 125th Street.

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