Thursday, August 27, 2009

☞ DWELL: P.S. 90 Condominiums

After seeing the on-going, decades long saga of P.S. 186 at a standstill, its refreshing to see that there has been progress in restoring some of the other historic schools in Harlem. P.S. 90 is slated to open its doors again this fall as condominiums and we dropped by to see how it was coming along this past weekend. Closed since 1975, it will be almost three decades later for the school building to open once more. Located in between the blocks of 147th and 148th Street between FDB/8th Avenue and ACP/7th Avenue, the building really is the last transformative events to happen to this section of Harlem. On the FDB side, and the 148th Street section at the front of the building, the old prewar building are pristine and the sidewalks look brand new. Only the 8th Avenue section that borders this micro nabe is still a little rough around the edges with some views of lofty old public housing buildings at the end of the block. We were thrilled to see that many new windows are up for the majority of the building and that the light at the end of a long tunnel seems to be at hand. Bravo to the website also. It's one of the best designed ones we have seen so far that gives a nod to history and is contemporary at the same time:

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