Tuesday, August 25, 2009

☞ SHOP: Scotty's Antique Shop

Scotty's New and Used Furniture is a family-run business that seems to have been around for several decades from the looks of their classic retro signage out front. What one will find inside is a down-to-earth antique shop that buys and sells old furniture from the neighborhood. We haven't seen too many smaller stores like this one in upper Manhattan (just the massive Demolition Depot in East Harlem) specializing in old furniture. Occasionally, the hard-to-find mid-century modern or Danish modern pieces do show up, but they tend to disappear quickly. Scotty's is on 3 Hancock Place (1 block south of 125th Street) between Morningside Avenue and St. Nicholas. Tel. 212-865-3500. Closest subway is the A,B,C,D train at 125th Street.

1 comment:

  1. Scotty's has been a family friend FOREVER!! I'm 34 and I can remember going to him for furniture as a child.whenever i crave something antique, scotty is the way to go.