Monday, August 31, 2009

☞ WALK: Inside the Hamilton Theater

Yes, it's our latest obsession, the Hamilton Theater in Hamilton Heights, on 146th and Broadway. A dollar store inhabits the lobby currently, but the theater itself has been closed to the public and has not been in use for over two decades. In a state of elegant decline, the stage and seats are still intact. A commenter on called Movie Place NYC had the privilege of having a tour and taking these photos. To read more on the Hamilton Theatre, read our past post: LINK


  1. It's actually across the street, on the east side of Broadway, from the old Nova which was in the Bunny Building. The Hamilton Theater has the big curved windows on the front facade.

  2. wow, she is so beautiful, even in her decaying state. it's unfortunate that landmarks and preservation, or some other community organization or person(s) with the means has not come to her assistance to restore her to her former glory. Thank you Ulysses for sharing the Hamilton and her history with us before she completely disappears.

  3. The outer building is landmarked but the interior is not and there lies the problem. Far less interiors are dedicated as landmarks because they are often too altered or in bad shape.