Wednesday, September 23, 2009

☞ MEET: Celeste Beatty of the Harlem Brewery

The beer trade, in the past, has been the stuff of good-old boys, but Harlem's only beer brand today is owned by the very feminine Celeste Beatty. While living in a small, studio apartment on 123rd Street in Mount Morris Park, Ms. Beatty would make $5 batches of beer in her kitchen so that she could use it in her cooking recipes. After some encouragement from friends, Beatty launched The Harlem Brewing Company in 2000 with offices in South Harlem on FDB/8th Avenue. Celeste promotes her beer for drinking but also avidly recommends it to home chefs as an essential cooking ingredient. Look out for the company's signature beer, Sugar Hill Ale, in stores like Dean & Deluca or in local Harlem restaurants and bars. Read more about Celeste in last month's NY Daily News article: LINK

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