Tuesday, September 22, 2009

☞ SHOP: N Harlem Boutique on Lenox

N Harlem Boutique, which we like to think of as the Barney's of Harlem, will be opening up in the former Purple Reign space on Lenox. The location is a smart move since their original retail space on 116th Street was a bit overcrowded and lacked charm. We love that the location between 118th and 119th Street on Lenox Avenue is basically in Mount Morris Park and that this part of Lenox will really be happening by fall with all the restaurants, shops and cafes nearby. One thing the boutique might want to look out for is to get rid of the drop ceiling in the former shop. Nothing says "cheap office space" like a drop ceiling and big fluorescent lights. See our previous post on N Harlem and the boutique culture of Harlem: LINK. Photos by Ulysses


  1. Agreed, cheap drop ceilings are a pet peeve of mine also, they can be so easily and affordably improved by replacing the panels with a more ornate colored design or antique style pressed tin panels. Good design does not always mean expensive but does mean thinking creatively. I suggest they consult with their neighbor at café latte who is also a talented and very creative interior designer, just take note of what she has done with that space.

  2. Westsider, I couldn't have agreed more with you! Caffe Latte is brilliant.
    Also, the owner of the Winery on FDB is a great interior designer. That shop looks amazing and really done on a small budget.