Tuesday, October 27, 2009

☞ SLEEP: Aloft Hotel at the Top

When we checked in on the Aloft Hotel about six weeks ago, construction was at a good pace but now it seems the April 2010 opening date might be a reality. When we last posted on this sister chain of the luxury W Hotel, located on FDB/8th Avenue and 124th Street, it was only about five floors high in the beginning of September. Now, almost at twelve floors, it is basically at the point of capping off. The lower photo is of the carriage house dwellings that now is incorporated into the design of the building. Did they sell their air rights? Read more and see various stages of the construction in our previous post: LINK. Photos by Ulysses


  1. The carriage house is dwarfed by this new development and has suffered severe cracking visible from the street since the massive hotel has added to the ground loading and caused structural movement in the carriage house. I’m curious how this structural movement in the carriage is finally resolved, are the old foundations of the carriage house deemed insufficient and are at fault or is the hotel held liable for causing movement on an existing structure. I’m sure it is under negotiation?

  2. That's a good question. I find it unusually that the hotel is actually building what seems to be a small deck on top of the carriage house. Maybe it's just for structural support?

  3. Just from the photo I would guess that the "deck" is something akin to scaffolding at ground level -- perhaps to protect the roof of the structure from falling debris and other construction hazards.