Tuesday, October 27, 2009

☞ WALK: The Heritage Rose District

As mentioned last weekend, the Heritage Rose District had its groundbreaking and the rose bush planting will proceed in the next six months. As different regions of the the nation are know for their agricultural specialty, West Harlem and south Washington Heights might be known one day for flowering rose bushes in all the public gardens and parks. As the above map lays out (red squares), the fall planting will start mostly around at the northern section of the district with key planting at the Morris-Jumel Mansion, Audubon Terrace, Trinity Cemetery and a some planting further south along the malls of Broadway and City College. The second phase will focus more on planting in the district's south central locations, primarily along St. Nicholas Park and Hamiltion Grange. By the time summer roles around in 2010, we might just have to remind folks to stop and smell the roses when they come up to West Harlem. Click on map to enlarge. Graphics courtesy of the office of Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer. Special thanks to Manhattan Urban Planner, Paimaan Lodhi for keeping us informed. See our previous post on this Heritage Rose Distict: LINK

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