Tuesday, January 5, 2010

☞ EAT: Wells Chicken and Waffles

Wells was the restaurant that invented chicken and waffles in 1938 but has been shuttered for the past decade. Fortunately, Elizabeth Wells, the wife of the restaurant's late founder Joseph T. Wells has established a casual eatery on ACP/7th Avenue, between 142nd and 143rd Street that still carries the famous original Wells recipe that launched a food legend. Chicken and Waffles are not the only thing on the menu here and all the southern favorites such as BBQ ribs, cornbread and collard greens can be ordered alongside the famous dish. The current incarnation is very small and informal compared to the original but worth checking out. Wells Chicken and Waffles is at 2453 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard and the closest subway is the 3 train at 145th Street.

On a final note, Wells is such a legend and in our opinion, would be great as an anchor to any new building or adaptive reuse development. Someone should really partner with these guys and get them to South Harlem or the Mount Morris Park Historic District. Read more about the original Wells Restaurant in our previous post: LINK


  1. Yesss! I remember Wells Restaurant! I used to have a gig twice a week up in Harlem about 11 years ago. In wintertime before playing I always ordered a hot chocolate, and after the gig I had the southern style fried fish with collar greens and yams. It was delicious! Wish I could go back in time... Glad to see Mrs. Wells here business is doing so great! By the way, where did that piano go? ;)

  2. Isn't that resturant where bumpy johnson passed away ? This restuarant is a piece of american history