Thursday, January 28, 2010

☞ INTRODUCING: The Triangle Cafe

The building at 2230 FDB/8th Avenue has alway been one of our favorites in South Harlem but what amounted to great commercial space seemed to alway be vacant. Not any longer. A tarp went up recently announcing the arrival of the Triangle Cafe which was very auspicious seeing that the windows seemed to have been papered over for some time now. The work permit on the door had a start date of October 2009 and an end date of late March 2010 (with an estimate $80,000 worth of renovations). This little triangular building between 120th and 121st street is one of the miniature Flatiron buildings that run along the diagonal course of St. Nicholas Avenue and is really one of the more unique South Harlem structures in scale and proportion. So with all that said, a great new eatery should be in the nabe around March or early April. The closest trains to this location is the A,B,C,D at 125th Street or the B,C at 116th. Photos by Ulysses


  1. Do you know whether this is going to be operated by the church that owns the building, or they are leasing the space out to an autonomous enterprise?

  2. Based on the work permit, it looks like someone separate from the church is renovating it so they must be leasing the commercial space.