Friday, February 26, 2010

☞ INTRODUCING: The Harlem Hospital Center

Anyone who has walked by upper Lenox Avenue and 136th Street has seen all the construction adjacent to the Harlem Hospital but the sketches posted on the plywood fences have been a little cryptic. We found some information on the new patient wing of the building and pulled up the sketches. The 150,000 square foot space was designed by HOK Architects and "integrates inpatient emergency room and outpatient services under one roof." Notably the design sketches has a huge glass facade with images on it and we found that this feature was a "wraparound mural" which apparently uses some high tech projector to change the images on the exterior. This $249 million development was set to finish in September 2009 but we first noticed the project picking up at that point in time. The last photo shows the site at its current state a couple of weeks back. All this comes along at a time when rumors of South Harlem's North General have begun on its possible closing: LINK. Read more about the Harlem Hospital addition here: LINK.


  1. Thanks for keeping us readers updated on this and other developments.

  2. Yes, thank you.

    The expansion looks beautiful.

    With the population of Harlem on the rise, it's none to soon.

  3. To set the record straight, the glass facade is a fixed enduring public art installation based on paintings from the hospital's lobby. The printed, laminated, insulated glass facade will easily endure the life of the building.