Wednesday, March 31, 2010

☞ ARCHITECTURE: The Mt. Zion Lutheran School

One of the most distinct landmarks can be found when walking in West Harlem's Sugar Hill at 421 West 145th Street, between Convent and St. Nicholas Avenue. The Mount Zion Lutheran Church School stands tall above a row of brownstones to the east and its limestone, gothic exterior reflects sunlight as one passes by. The copper dormers at the roof line are a nicely aged mint green and all the lovely stained glass windows are still in perfect condition. The west wall of the church is notable for its additional details since unlike many other semi detached buildings that have solid side walls, one will find a perfect line of windows integrated into this part of the facade. A prominent sign out front touts "the school on the hill" for grades 1-6 so the building doubles as an educational institution if all information is current. The closest train to this location is the A,B,C,D at 145th Street. Photo by Ulysses


  1. Hello Ulysses, as a 1962 graduate from Mt. Zion School on the Hill, I 'am requesting your permission, to post your photo as a cover for my Mt. Zion photo album on Facebook.

    Yours truly,
    Skip Cole

  2. The big tall gray building is the School on the HIll, NOT the church. The Church (Mt. Zion Lutheran, LCMS) is the small yellow church NEXT to the School and Parish House Buildg. Inside the school building, there is an auditorium on ground floor, registrar office, and on the next floor are classrooms. The Sexton Apt. is on the next floor, and the Pastor's apt. (Parish House) is on the top floor. A stage and library are across the hall from that. My late husband was Pastor there from 1981 to late 1985, and several of my children attended/graduated from The School on the Hill. There is a basement and sub basement to this building, as I recall. The rumor is that under the church there is sand from the "holy land". I enjoyed living in the City of NY, and the people at the Church and School were great. I have many fond memories, including some of the sights, like the World Trade Centers (went up in them twice) and other landmarks around NY. By the way, Pastor James E. Martin was my husband, and he passed away in November 2003, in Houston, TX. Thank you and hope this made things a little more clear about these buildings!