Thursday, May 27, 2010

☞ DRINK: What's Up with Bier International?

Seeing that it's the end of May, many folks are wondering what's going on with the new beer garden set to open on 113th Street and FDB/8th Avenue. Some have commented on how work has seemed to have stopped in the past month on Bier International, and the facade photo from this week doesn't show much progress on the outside. Harlem Bespoke was informed in the middle of April that the DOB was about to sign off on some major plumbing and electrical work permits and that things were coming along.

When we past the storefront on this recent venture, there was some activity inside but it was apparent that all the infrastructure work was still at hand since the wall beams and ceilings were exposed. The end goal is to be ready for the World Cup games that will be happening in the next couple of weeks so let's hope all the permit stuff finishes up quickly. With its great location, and (ideally) affordable fare, this one looks like it will be flirting with success once they get their doors open. See the final design of the space in our original post: LINK. Current photo by Ulysses


  1. I heard from one of the owners that they were pushed back a month b/c of the DOB. Still hoping to be open in time for the World Cup. Fingers crossed!

  2. The rendering shows sidewalk seating. Is this area zoned for sizewalk patrons? I thought that's generally not allowed on FDB given the narrow sidewalks.

  3. That would be great to watch some world cup games there, but I won't hold my breath.