Wednesday, July 28, 2010

☞ EAT: El Paso Taqueria Opens New Takeout

There was a new, better sit-down-and-eat deli shop at the corner of 104th and Lexington that opened in spring (top photo) but now it seems like another place has taken the spot over. El Paso Taqueria (lower photo), which is directly across the street, seems to be expanding their empire now that they newly acquired this corner storefront as a takeout joint. They also have a small restaurant on 116th Street that is not quite as large as the flagship restaurant in this section of East Harlem. Glad to see that these guys are doing pretty well in these tough times. Also, the lower photo partially shows the big lot that currently has construction going on for that Glass Spire building: LINK. El Paso Taqueria to Go is at 1642 Lexington Avenue, Tel. 212.722.1113. Read all things El Paso Taqueria in our past posts: LINK. Photos by Ulysses


  1. Great !!! I am craving good Mexican food !! It is sooo hard to find in Europe. Somebody out there go and have a serious burrito for me...LOL

  2. Good Grief.

    I was just at 104th 2 weeks ago.

    That was quick.

  3. The El Paso people have always owned that corner. It used to be the old El Paso, and they were the managers of Gourmet 104. They also own the old SpaHa/new Lex Social spot. Im not sure why they decided to switch the corner spot back to El Paso status

    It was our understanding when they expanded across the street that the corner would end up being a smaller mexican take out place, so Gourmet 104 came as a (if pleasant and sadly shortlived) surprise. We are glad to see some of the old items back on the take out menu, even tho they honored those meals at the new restaurant!