Wednesday, July 28, 2010

☞ REMEMBER: Schinasi Factory Turns Charter

We learned from a member of our Facebook site that the old Schinasi Factory building in South Harlem will become a bilingual charter school this fall. Morris Schinasi built his Turkish cigar factory back in 1907 at 309-311 West 120th Street (just west of FDB/8th Avenue). The lower photo shows the building today which was until recently the Harbor Morningside Children's Center.

Apparently The New York French American Charter School is set to open in this space sometimes in September 2010 based on their site (they are also still accepting applications): LINK. The thing that was always strange about the modern facade alteration to this structure was the fact that the owners sealed off most of the windows. Maybe the new school will revert it back to the original plan for it would seem beneficial for school children to get some daylight. Read more about the former Harlem factory in our past post: LINK.  Archival photo via


  1. Another charter school in the neighborhood. Good news right?

  2. Good News !
    I am all for choices when it comes to education. I personally think they should have separate girl's and boy's schools. studies show kids learn more this way. When they are focused on the studies and not on the other students..