Friday, August 20, 2010

☞ REVIVE: 205 West 119th Street Update

We covered the activity that started on the empty lot at 205 West 119th Street (just west of ACP/7th Avenue) this past March and now things look just about finished. The brand new affordable housing complex is probably one of the larger open lots that was left in South Harlem so its nice to see the land go to good use. The building itself is also nicely proportioned with the existing ones on the block and looks well designed. We couldn't find any information on the name of the project so any tips would be great. All photos by Ulysses


  1. Based on some ACRIS and Google searches, this appears to have the fingerprints of L & M Development Partners -- the firm at did PS90 and Kalahari, as well as a lot of affordable projects in Manhattan elsewhere.

    It looks like the land for 205 W 119th was acquired in partnership with HDC in a single transaction that also included 203 W 119th, 2078-2080 Frederick Douglass Blvd, and 311 W 141st.

    I'll see if I can find anything else.

  2. Evidently the above properties are all part of the HPD Cornerstone Program, specifically the "Bradhurst Cluster, Cornerstone IV."

    From the City Council resolution on the above project:

    "Site 6 is located at 203-205 West 119th Street between Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard and St. Nicholas Avenue. The site is currently vacant, and is zoned R7-A. The site will be developed as an eight-story building with 36 residential rental units and ground floor community facility space intended for a not-for-profit group. The total square footage is approximately 29,013 square feet, with 4,015 square feet of community facility space and an additional 3,025 square feet of outdoor recreational space. Twenty-eight units will be targeted to households earning up to 130% AMI, and 8 units to up to 80% AMI."

    The income targeting for this development appears to be pretty solidly "middle." Based on the specific definitions laid out in the deed, the "80% AMI" tier actually accommodates income levels up to 100% AMI, and the "130% AMI" tier allows for incomes up to 175% AMI -- which means households with income north of $100K may still qualify.

    Apartment rents for the higher tier are specified in the project documentation as ranging from $1,280 (for studios) to $2,089 (for two-bedrooms).