Thursday, October 28, 2010

☞ ARCHITECTURE: The Hamilton Grange

It's been a couple of years since the historic Hamilton Grange building was moved to its new location on the north most hill of St. Nicholas Park (at 141st Street) but the inevitable delays have still prevented it from opening to the public.  The last date announced was Fall 2010 but an update from the Friends of St. Nicholas Park site now has a Spring 2011 debut planned for the future.  Both the interior and exterior are getting a complete restoration, so these things do take their time. From the top photos, one can see the original color and the primer that recently has gone up on the facade.  More interior restorations can be found at the Friends of St. Nicholas Park site: LINK.  Read more about the famous house that named the Heights and its last location in our past post: LINK


  1. Somebody great once said; "...change grinds exceedingly slow." So, that being said, I hope this is the final resting place of this very historical house. Its a total shame how this house was treated over the years and I surely hope that when it finally opens, it opens to much fan fare, community participation and let the tourists come hither in great numbers.

    I also hope that the surrounding community will take an active role in maintaining the house and volunteering as docents and other very significant posts and be cheerleaders for this very impressive monument to a founding father in their backyard.

  2. The surrounding neighborhood should invovle itself in Friends of St. Nicholas Park. They do a great job with limited funds and volunteers in cleaning up the park and making sure the park remains safe. But they need help since some of their core members have moved away, etc.

    Reach out to them at to help with updating their website, tweeting, and organizing events like the upcoming Holiday tree lighting.

    They are also looking for volunteers to coordinate events once the Hamilton Grange opens in Spring/Summer 2012.