Thursday, October 7, 2010

☞ ARCHITECTURE: The Harlem Village Academy

We received a couple of tips this week that answered the big question on what was going on at the lot between 5th Avenue and Mount Morris Park West (at the northwest side of Marcus Garvey Park).   The ground work apparently started for the development at number 27-29 West 124th Street but DOB files do not indicate any applications.  It turns out that this is the back end of the new Harlem Village Academy charter school so the work would coincide with the front of the lot which faces 32 West 125th Street at the location of the old ConEd building: LINK.  

At top, one can see the construction in between the two buildings have started and the following image is the final sketch of the new building (click to enlarge).  The lower two photos show the 125th Street front end of the 5-story, 62,000 square foot structure that will also have a roof garden.  Another bonus is that it looks down right contextual and should fit in with the historic district when it finishes up next fall. Check out more on the Cooper, Robertson & Partners website: LINK.  Read our past post on the Harlem Village Academy: LINK

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  1. That should work out nicely. I always feel sorry for the “San Souci”, sitting there next to the vacant lot and right now MGP North does look rather gap-toothed. I believe the Public Library right there, although it looks to me like every other library in Manhattan, is McKim Mead and White.