Tuesday, October 26, 2010

☞ REVIVE: 753 St. Nicholas Avenue Progress

Smaller constructions seem to take more time to build versus the larger developments for some reason. There's a building just south of 148th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue that hasn't made that much progress since the walls starting going up in March of this year. The new condo at 753 St. Nicholas Avenue has six floor, 11,500 square foot of space and will have a single elevator inside for the 12 apartment units which have taken over a former lot. This one had to be approved by the Landmarks since it's in the Sugar Hill historic district and we thought it would have made more gains by now since some of the larger sights have topped off further downtown. There also seems to be a website that just went up for the development: www.753stnicholas.com


  1. Does anyone go to architecture school anymore? I am really not impressed with the state of these brick & steel boxes that are coming up in modern architecture. Send these guys to the Ecole des Beaux Arts to learn their craft and bring them home when they have more inspiring ideas. 753 St. Nicholas just doesn't move me. No redeeming physical structures whatsoever.

  2. There has been a similar building going up on West 113th between Lenox and ACP for 2 years now. At least they seem to be near completion. The block could use the parking space they have had blocked off.

  3. I live right around this site and yes, it's taking quite a while. During the summer they were working on it consistently but it's completely stopped now. The convent on the SW corner of 150th and Convent though has a finished facade now, but the building across the street also by the same developer as 753 has stopped as well.