Tuesday, November 30, 2010

☞ SHOP: New Eatery at 3151 Broadway

The old commercial strip along Broadway in Manhattanville, just a couple of blocks south of the new Columbia campus site at 125th Street, has had some empty storefronts in the past year but more activity seems to be happening as of recent.  Number 3151 Broadway was formerly a drycleaning service which competed with another like establishment down the block.  The space has been empty for some time but we noticed a new work permit up in the past week. This immediate block just had the popular Bettolona restaurant open this past summer and now a casual eatery apparently is arriving also.  After some more research, we find that the new "eating and drinking" establishment will be some sort of falafel restaurant. These places either go for charming and rustic or fast food and bland.  It's unclear which direction this eatery will follow but a better casual falafel joint is something that is popular in most downtown neighborhoods. Check out our past post on the arrival of Bettolona: LINK

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