Wednesday, December 29, 2010

☞ DRINK: Bier International New Year's Eve

Bier International will be open for New Years Eve and brunch on New Year's Day for those who are around town: LINK.  It's the first year for Harlem's favorite international beer garden and we have to really hand it to these guys for having the vision and the ability to open up a proper business.  There's always something new and seasonal going on and the menu specials constantly change.  New Year's Eve dinner is casual with no reservations required or cover charges so they really get that people live in Harlem because it's not over priced and stuffy but quality is still in demand. Additionally, these guys are great with all the social media exchange of information on Twitter, Facebook and also having regular email updates on upcoming events (basically working all the new ways of doing business).

Bier International is located at 2099 FDB/8th Avenue and West 113th Street. The closest subways are the B,C at 110th or 116th Street.

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