Wednesday, December 29, 2010

☞ VOTE: Harlem's FDB vs Northside in Finals

UPDATE: POLLS ARE OPEN UNTIL NOON, JANUARY 1ST. Today is the finals of the Curbed cup best neighborhood of 2010 which will pit Harlem's own FDB/8th Avenue against Northside Williamsburg. The combined forces of Harlem Bespoke readers pushed the vote for Harlem into the last round by defeating Park Slope with 63% of that previous final count. It all really is a final showdown between Manhattan and Brooklyn so vote and vote often: LINK.  The polls stay open until JANUARY 1st at Noon so make sure to check in on the final minutes also (and vote again!).


  1. Let's get cracking guys... this one appears to be an endurance contest.

  2. Let the hipsters know, the world does not revolve around them!