Friday, January 28, 2011

☞ ARCHITECTURE: Mexican Flair in East Harlem

The Mexican community is the one immigrant group that's bringing a lot of personal architectural style uptown these days and one can find the many examples walking around East Harlem. There's a sort of old world, south of the border look that's happening at most of the eateries being set up along East 116th Street and lower Lexington Avenue that is transforming these areas into the Mexican version of Little Italy. Barrel tile roofs can be found even on a simple bodega (at center photo) and on many of the newer restaurants that have opened in the past decade.  There's some classic neon such as the one at La Hacienda (which is still closed) or the Pueblo Revival style of El Paso's main eatery on Lexington and 104th Street.  It's more than a bit literal but one can argue that there's some charm to be found going this direction than the standard glossy, photo-print awnings and aluminum storefronts that seem to be abundant otherwise.


  1. Recommend Kahlua's Cafe, 3rd Ave. Between 115th and 116th, great food, jukebox, nice owner and staff and wonderful black and white Mexican photo collection. This area is a little known thriving micro neighborhood in East Harlem, well worth a visit.

  2. Is it Cinco De Mayo yet? :-)

  3. Looks like the La Hacienda space is finally up for rent. So maybe we will get a third Mexican place on that block soon enough.