Tuesday, February 22, 2011

☞ BESPOKE: A Cheap East Harlem Designer Reno

Apartment Therapy just posted a story on a couple of renters in Spanish Harlem that decorated their apartment with furniture and art on a budget.  That massive yellow origami sculpture is made of poster board and staples which costed just $5 for supplies.  The rest of the stuff like the table is made of reclaimed church floor planks and the only other tool used for the project was a drill. Bookshelves in the background are all constructed of pipes from the Home Depot and lumberyard wood.  We're not sure if these guys are going into the reclaimed furniture business but it sure looks like there might be a future business for them to explore after having this media exposure: LINK.  If there are any other creative types with a similar story in Harlem, drop us a line at: HarlemBespoke@gmail.com


  1. I'm impressed by the book shelves and table. And on initial impression the wall sculpture piece not only looks expensive but looks like it was purchased in a gallery or museum. Hats off to those dudes.

  2. Says a lot about expensive wall sculptures from over priced galleries in my opinion ;)

  3. I would just like to know where they got that beautiful Mancala board!