Wednesday, February 23, 2011

☞ EAT: The Harlem Tavern Update 2011

We noticed that it's been pretty quiet around the Harlem Tavern construction site and a reader had inquired on what was happening with the under-construction-eatery at 116th and FDB.  There's been some funky new graffiti up on the blue plywood as of late but that pretty much is all the action that anyone has seen in the past month.  The original Winter 2011 opening date will probably not be happening at this rate and we did a little research to see if there had been any paperwork issues.

Base on the DOB website, there was a Stop Work Order placed on the construction site at the beginning of December and the issue was calendared to be resolved this past Sunday. Apparently the structural integrity of the next door building's foundation (last photo) during the excavation work needed to be explored further and the DOB just gave the green light on Monday to partially rescind the SWO for pit tests. There basically wasn't any work going on for about six weeks and now it looks like some progress might be happening in the next month. As far as opening dates are concerned, we are kind of thinking early summer might be a better bet. Check out our past post for full details on the Harlem Tavern: LINK


  1. Thanks for running down the info -- hopefully this means they'll get the ball rolling again soon.

    I think it's fair to say there's a good bit of anticipation around this place...

  2. Late spring would be great, if they can swing it.