Thursday, February 24, 2011

☞ REVIVE: The Landmark Hook & Ladder 14

A read mentioned that they had seen activity at the within Hook & Ladder 14 at 120 East 125th Street in the past week so we went out to do a little more research on the closed 19th century firehouse. Walking by yesterday, the main entrance was definitely open for part of morning and there were a couple of gentleman looking around on site.  Most of the late Victorian era firehouses are lined in white subway tile but the interior to this one seems to have been gutted (but not recently).  Construction permits are lacking at this point so maybe a developer is looking at it for exploratory purposes.  More research on our end found that the building was part of a series of firehouses that were controversially closed a few years back and that this particular branch is also known a Engine 36: LINK.  Another document found also states that the old Ladder 14 will be ideally converted for community use in the future and that the building has been an official New York City landmark since 1997: LINK

1 comment:

  1. Such a lovely little building, it always has been. I remember when it was an active fire house and the firemen there were truly good neighbors and the community loved them.

    Lets hope and pray that whatever happens the exterior is left alone, just cleaned up a bit. Also, nothing against Anderson Cooper but I don't think this particular building would be good as someones private home. But once again, as long as the exterior remains the same, ok