Wednesday, May 25, 2011

☞ ARCHITECTURE: The Greek Church at 103rd

A red brick church building at the intersection of 103rd Street and Lexington might just be a clue into another part of East Harlem's storied cultural pass.  In the early 1900's, Harlem's east side was known for its Jewish and Italian white ethnic groups but there apparently was a greek community of some sort that worshipped in the area. Sts. George & Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church at 140 East 103rd Street sits in prime El Barrio today but appears to still retain its heritage.  There is not much out there on the building that we could find but the church seems to still be holding services based on one website: LINK.

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  1. Amazing find Ulysses. I've passed this Church in the past and really just thought that after all these years perhaps someone forgot to take the sign down!

    I know there is also a Greek Orth. Church & School up in Washington Hts at about West 178th St & Audobon Ave. Actually, that Church & School was the parish for George Stephanopolous & family. My next door neighbor is a fmr teacher at George Washington HS and she said in the late 70's there were still a significant number of Greek students at GW High