Friday, May 13, 2011

☞ READ: Last of the East Harlem Italian Shops

Today's Times reports that the historic Italian barber shop in East Harlem might close soon because of the demands of the new landlord. Claudio Caponigro owns one of the last few Italian establishments from a time when East Harlem had the largest Italian community in the city. When the shop opened in the 1950's on 116th Street, East Harlem's Little Italy would have been diminishing but the old school barbershop has stuck around for six decades.  The landlord now wants to triple the monthly rent and Mr. Caponigro may be out by May 31st if negotiations do not proceed: LINK.  Another neighborhood Italian shop on 116th Street called Marrone Bakery closed down a few years ago and also received some press:  LINK

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