Tuesday, May 10, 2011

☞ REVIVE: M&G Diner Building Reno Finishes

All the scaffolding at 383 West 125th Street has been removed in the past week and a new facade has appeared at the former M&G Diner building by Morningside Avenue.  The second photo down shows the yellow painted exterior that used to coat one of Harlem's oldest running diners and the iconic neon-and-bulb signage that covered two sides of the building.  A reader had contacted the owner to see if the signs will be salvaged and it appears that their have been a few phone calls made from interested parties.  Right now, the storefront has been gutted and any business would be able use it as part of their new shop.  Otherwise,  the signs will probably be sold off or given to a museum.

The one thing that might not be so ideal right now is that it looks like the painted panels that has M&G Diner on it have either been removed for storage or where damaged during the restoration.  We noticed that they were not in place on the south and the west side of the building once all the netting went down. Click on last photo to enlarge.

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