Tuesday, May 17, 2011

☞ SHOP: What's Up With 18 East 125th Street?

We had noticed that 18 East 125th Street had been going through some major renovations back in February and a reader just found out what was actually happening to space just east of Fifth Avenue.  The lower photo shows the current state of the storefront that had once housed a shuttered antique shop and our inquisitive neighborhood photographer asked the guys on site about the new business that will soon arrive. Apparently 125th Street's second Little Caesars pizza takeout will be set up on this stretch of East Harlem so the other one further west must be doing pretty well. Even though the chain restaurant is not the most ideal eatery to come along, it at least removes one more empty retail space in the area.


  1. Not my first choice, but its a good idea, IMHO.

    The closest take out place in that area is the either the Papa John's on 109th or the Domino's on 116.

    Anything that increases night time foot traffic around there can't hurt either.

  2. Actually no, the closest pizza place in that area is the Famiglia on 125th & Lex that opened about a year ago. It appears to be doing well based on the foot traffic I see. Personally, I just can't settle for pies from either of these places. I'll continue to make the trek to Patsy's on 1st Avenue. I'm glad Patsy's doesn't deliver because I'd be massively overweight.

  3. Little Caesar's? It's vomitlicious. Thanks for nothing.

  4. Corey Jace ScottMay 17, 2011 at 8:33 PM

    I would rather every s tore front contain a Little Caesar’s than have them remain empty. Same goes for liquor stores, "Gourmet" delis and 99cent more or less stores.

  5. @Corey Jace Scott:

    I'm with you.

    Better a million Little Ceasar's than even one more 99 cent store, Liquor Store or Sneaker Place.