Wednesday, July 13, 2011

☞ ARCHITECTURE: Infill Designs at Lenox Terrace

With all the talk of trying to retrofit Lenox Terrace with new glass towers, a reader sent in the link to one of the original proposals from the architects at Davis Brody Bond Aedas. The outdated original "tower's in the park" plan would be filled with new glassy construction similar to Columbus Square in the Manhattan Valley and thus updates the entire complex: LINK.  Note also that the existing storefronts lining Lenox Avenue between 132nd and 135th Street would also be improved upon by building up and modernizing the facade.  More sketches of this proposal for Central Harlem after the jump.

The architect plan also outlines that the parking spaces would be relocated below ground and that the new retail should help illuminate the streets at night.  This is basically what city planners have been proposing all along to help restore the city blocks that were altered during the Urban Renewal years as discussed in our past post: LINK. Design renderings via


  1. As we have seen on other news reports, many in the community oppose this development, and their reason, it will spoil the view, which is lame at best. I don’t believe this for one moment, the real reason that they will not say publicly is they are opposed to diversification, both economically and racially. These glass towers will be a boost for the neighborhood on many levels except for those who oppose diversification.

  2. west I could not agree with you more, as someone who lived there and often heard the expression "all these white people moving in" you comment is very true.

    There is this feeling in what is fast becoming post 1910 Harlem that "Harlem belongs to blacks", these folks really need to read the history of where they live, like every other NYC neighbourhood Harlem has gone through it's phases, Jewish, Irish, Italian, Black and now integrated again!!

    We all have our moment and then life moves on that is where Harlem is at this moment.

  3. This is old. Don't think this is happening.