Tuesday, August 16, 2011

☞ EAT: The Pink Teacup Still Arriving to Harlem?

A reader wrote in and mentioned that the above signs for The Pink Teacup had been taken down at 200 Lenox Avenue and was worried that the Harlem Branch of the famous eatery might not be opening. We have seen workers on site this past summer so there is definitely some action going on inside at this corner of West 120th Street.  Looking up at DOB permits, a second filing for the establishment was just approved a couple of weeks ago for installing a new kitchen and all seems to be in order. As far as those signs go, we would assume that they just start peeling away from direct sunlight eventually so it would probably be easier just not to have them up for a long period of time. Any other tips out there? Read more about The Pink Teacup in our original post (when it had a different name): LINK


  1. I am also wondering about Settepani's Pizza place on Lenox/Malcolm/6th and 119th. It would be so wonderful if Pink & Sette 2 would open soon!

  2. Walked by Pink Teacup yesterday afternoon on the 120th Street side. There was a sound of rather half-hearted hammering but the signs have definitely been taken down, they didn't just slough off. . .