Monday, August 29, 2011

☞ LISTEN: Gospel For Teens in Harlem

The above is the recent 60 Minute story on one woman who opens the doors of her Harlem brownstone to keep the Gospel tradition alive with today's teens.  Vy Higginsen is a local radio personality that started Gospel For Teens which attracts rising talent from uptown and also newcomers from the Bronx, Brooklyn and even New Jersey. The inspirational video takes a bit of time to watch but shows what one person can do out of their own home to bring something back to the community. Read more at the 60 Minute site: LINK


  1. Please ... let's not celebrate the Mama Foundation! It’s clear that 60 Minutes did not speak to the neighbors of the Mama Foundation -- who have been suffering for years. The Mama Foundation operates with a complete disregard for the quality of life and health of its neighbors. This brownstone is on a residential block between two home, and the Mama Foundation is so noisy that the police have been called several times. The Mama Foundation has also been warned by the Department of Environmental Protection, but it continues to behave with a callous indifference to its neighbors. Youths loiter on neighboring homes, and the noise sometimes on Friday night, Saturday afternoons and even sometimes Sunday is horrible. The only thing that is important to the Mama Foundation is to exploit naive young people and abuse neighbors in its tawdry clutch at second-hand fame!

  2. Didn't 60 Minutes say that they are looking to move into larger/different space? Hope they can muster up the funds. This group seems like a winner to me and I'd welcome them next door to me anytime.

  3. I think that you would find that the noise, the pictures falling off the walls, the inability to sleep or listen to the radio a little too much after a while...