Thursday, August 25, 2011

☞ REMEMBER: 9 Mile Stone at St. Nicholas Park

A photo taken by 133rd Street and St. Nicholas Park in 1955 shows a couple of interesting landmarks that do not exist today.  The information on the archival material just mentions that the above was the 9 mile stone within St. Nicholas Park but we have not found much else about its significance.  There also appears to be some sort of cottage in the background which makes things even more confusing. A playground now sits on this section of St. Nicholas Park today where the above photo was apparently taken decades ago.

9 mile stone, in St. Nicholas Park, ca. 1955, Via The City of the Museum of New York Digital Collection


  1. That was a mile marker on the Albany Post Road that ran from New York to Albany. It marks the distance from City Hall. There are remnants of a marker in that triangle park at 117th and St. Nicholas. What remains of the mile 12 marker is embedded in the stone wall of Isham Park on Broadway between 211th and 212th (the writing has worn off but look for the oblong red sandstone rock next to the entrance to the park). There are also a bunch of milestones still standing along Rt. 9 in Westchester County. The placement of these milestones was supervised by none other than Ben Franklin in the mid 1700s!

  2. There is also one intact, a ten-mile marker, although the writing is worn off, on the grounds of the Morris-Jumel Mansion, just behind the Octagonal Room. Someone once told me that the one on 133rd and St. Nicholas was in place until sometime in the 90s when Mr. Guiliani had it removed.