Friday, September 16, 2011

☞ INTRODUCING: The LG Laundry Lounge

We finally stumbled upon the new Laundry Lounge "powered by LG" that opened last week and it definitely is the most modern looking business on the block in Hamilton Heights.  The main problem about the press release was that the sleek pink (more like a dark fuschia) accented modern laundromat with amenities such multiple flat screen televisions and laptops with free internet had been described as opening on the Upper West Side.  This location at 139th and Amsterdam is right across the street form City College so it is definitely in West Harlem.  Photo of the interior after the jump.

The above photo is only a picture of one side of the laundromat but one can see that it looks like some sort of sparkling new showroom for laundry machines.  This location is right by the college and should be popular with students but we noticed many young families in there in the morning.  A Huffington Post article was not too impressed with the end result but it probably would be safe to say that most uptowners would gladly welcome one of these Laundry Lounges opening on their block: LINK


  1. Oh yeah. Doing laundry just got sexy.

  2. I think it's really weird. Who are they trying to target? Are there really enough people who would go to a place like this that aren't already at 145th which is a lot farther up if you're going to lug laundry?