Tuesday, September 27, 2011

☞ READ: The Faison Firehouse in the News

The New York Daily News has a feature on Broadway choreographer George Faison who is making strides to get his Firehouse Theater at 6 Hancock Place a destination for those interested in Harlem history. Mr. Faison purchased the vacant firehouse back in 1999 and converted it into a 350-seat theater located around the corner from Manhattan Avenue.  There is also rehearsal space and a cafe inside but now the Tony Award winner is having a 5-minute film produced on the neighborhood's history so that visitors will make the theater a required stop on any uptown venture.  The Faison Firehouse also has the end goal of engaging the younger generation in Harlem and raise awareness on all the possibility that working in the theater has to offer. Read more in the Daily News: LINK

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  1. Great News !!!

    I am curious to see it inside !!!