Friday, September 23, 2011

☞ REVIVE: Something New at Hamilton Grange

The historic home of Alexander Hamilton opened last weekend after a relocation along with several years of renovation and we discovered something quite modern over at the Grange. Restorations to the building located at north side of St. Nicholas Park and 141st have been more accurate than any other attempts in the past but there was one particularly modern addition to building.
A photo taken at the Hamilton Grange opening last week shows a peculiar contraption on the front facade of the famous mansion.  This glass box encased with black framing actually disappeared into the porch periodically with the assistance of the rangers on hand.  Most folks enter the building on the cellar level but the new mechanism appears to be an elevator of sorts that serves as an alternate point of entry or mode of transporting goods.  Basic modern infrastructure upgrades are also present on the inside but this particular addition really was striking when in action out front.

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