Tuesday, September 27, 2011

☞ SHOP: Coffee Shop Arriving at 245 Lenox?

The newly renovated brownstone at 245 Lenox Avenue and 122nd Street has rented out its residential portion but the ground floor commercial space has been vacant for the past year.  A tip sent to our inbox mentioned that a coffee shop or cafe was being planned for the lower level of the landmark building and thus would include the garden space out back.  Checking on DOB permits for the Mount Morris Historic District townhouse, we found that a renovation permit was applied in July for renovation of the existing store which would include installing a new kitchen and cooking equipment.  Looking a little bit closer at the paperwork, the permit was then disapproved last month so it might be some time for this one to happen.


  1. Fantastic. Hopefully this one will follow through. Any updates on the Pink Teacup?

  2. @Chris. They took those draperies down—they must have been part of the TV shoot, and I have not seen any activity at that site nor on the proposed wine/liquor store on the other side of Lenox nor the Settapani coal oven pizza place on 119 and Lenox.

    All quiet. . . well, depending on how you define quiet.

  3. What's up with that Sanou's Mum?! Are all of these projects on hold? I thought the Teacup thing was a dead cert what with the meetings and all that. Then again, I thought all 3 projects were dead certs! The Gourmet Deli went up in a matter of weeks.

    Ulysses, any info? You always seem to know what's going on with this stuff.

  4. Yeah, well, you can’t keep a good gourmet deli down, and good thing, too, as sometimes you can walk as far as, oh, say a block, without seeing one.

    I too, thought the Teacup was a dead cert and even bragged to a friend who lives in the Village about “now we have one, too”.