Monday, September 26, 2011

☞ WALK: Bette Midler at the 103rd Street Garden

The big ribbon cutting ceremony was on last Thursday for the debut of the 103rd Street Community Garden and New York Restoration Project's (NYPRP) leading lady was on hand to celebrate the occasion.  Bette Midler founded the non-profit NYRP to help restore the city's parks and just happened to drop by East Harlem last week to showcase what all the volunteers have been working on in the past few months.  The East Harlem 103rd Street Community Garden is now a pristine oasis that has been landscaped and seeded with vegetable crops but also has a restored playground.  Check out the end results after the jump.

The restoration was sponsored by Disney and the garden itself had been designed specifically for recreational enjoyment along with providing locally grown produce for the community. One can see from the last photo that the seed beds are now all established and the initial crop has sprouted at this point in time.  Other details to the open green space includes a compost station, a restored basketball court with evergreen trees planted around the perimeter, a children's playground, rows of picnic tables, ornamental sitting rocks, a couple of gardening sheds and many more new trees. We happened to drop by on Sunday when the sun was out earlier on and were quite impressed with the end result.  This garden is just west of the Lexington 103rd Street stop and is therefore easily accessible by train on the east side of town. Check out more details on Ms. Mider's organization at:

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