Friday, October 14, 2011

☞ EAT: The Best Tacos on 116th Street

It's no secret that the Mexican community in East Harlem has taken over 116th Street in the past decade but where does one go to get the best tacos uptown?  Food blog Eater recently made it over to the east side and decide to check out the assortment of offerings available to see which taqueria performed the best. Based on reviewing the numerous restaurants, taco trucks and grocery store stands, it now appears that El Aguila is the winner.  Each taco establishment was judged on quality of tortilla, filling and toppings.  The Mexican eatery on the corner of Lexington has a funky fast food ambiance to it but is also consistently chosen as one of the better places to get tacos on the strip.  More at Eater: LINK


  1. OMG, As someone who has lived in 3 Mexican states but being from Arizona I can attest to how much the Mexican food in NY sucks.If you wanted a good taco in the big apple go to Taco Bell. I have tried so many disgusting places in East Harlem and then... El Aguila. The fast food vibe is actually how I think a tagueria should feel. There Horchatta is sicking sweet just like it should be. The jamica sucks though. The only food I have tried is the tacos el pastor 2/ for 2 bucks and the tamales.Plus the sweets. They have a salsa bar just like back home except the avocado wont give you food posioning. The salsas are hot as hell but you can kill the heat with a Jarritos soda. The 2 birthdays i have spent in NY have been at El Aguila. white cake chocolate frosting and sprinkles just like my mum makes. The only thing that would make this place more real is if they had mango ice cream. Taquerias always have mango ice cream and mangoes with chili pepper and lime, Ahh home

  2. Eater also put "Taco Mix" in their top 3. Of note: Taco Mix just opened a second location on Amsterdam near W.158th. I went there two days in a row. Yum!!!