Friday, October 28, 2011

☞ REMEMBER: The Evening Telegram Parade

There are a few photos of the costumed bicycle extravaganza called the Evening Telegram Parade on file but the above image from the Ephemeral New York site really captures the variety of folks at that event in 1896. The tour sponsored by the Evening Telegram appears to have been pretty diverse and would go from the Upper West Side in the 60s to Grant's Tomb at Riverside Drive at 122nd Street before riders would reverse their course. Prizes were given out to the "most graceful lady rider, the best costumed and most graceful gentleman rider, the best decorated costume, the most grotesque or fancy costume, and for the best appearing bicycle club."  We are not sure if the event happened past 1896 but that said year did create quite a stir in the local media. Read more about the Evening Telegram Parade at Ephemeral New York: LINK

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