Tuesday, November 22, 2011

☞ EAT: Sweet Chef Southern Styles Bakery

Thanksgiving is around the corner and The Daily News covers the uptown bakeries to get that freshly backed pie for the holiday: LINK.  One of our favorite mom and pop establishments in West Harlem is featured in the article and so we decided to repost our review of the bakery from a couple of years ago:

The little pie and cake shop tucked away at 122 Hamilton Place is one gem of a bakery. Hidden away on this quiet corner or Hamilton Heights, one will find the little striped awning at the store front and a cozy, bricked wall interior with pies and cakes on display. What's most striking upon first entering the bakery is that of the baked, buttery pie crust aromas throughout the shop. This great little store actually feels like a small-town bakery, so it's a very charming establishment to have around for folks in the neighborhood. There are some smaller take-out orders, such as cookies and banana pudding, but the next time you have a need for that sweet potato pie or a home-style birthday cake, this is the place to be. Sweet Chef Southern Styles Bakery is at 122 Hamilton Place, between 141st and 142nd Street. Tel: (212) 862-5909.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, they have wonderful pies, great cookies and a very charming store.